Links and Resources


  • Society for Experimental Mechanics - SEM is a major US-based technical society, with regular meetings/seminars/conferences. Publishes the journals Experimental Mechanics and Experimental Techniques.
  • British Society for Strain Measurement - BSSM is a very active UK-based technical society, again with a busy annual programme of events, including strain gauge installation and certification courses.
  • European Society for Experimental Mechanics - EURASEM publishes the journal Strain.
  • Engineering Integrity Society - EIS is an excellent forum for structural integrity and related topics, focusing on the practical application of test methodologies.
  • Equipment/Manufacturers

  • Stress Photonics Inc. - manufacturer/supplier of thermoelastic and photoelastic stress analysis hardware and software.
  • Correlated Solutions Inc. - manufacturer/supplier of digital image correlation hardware and software.
  • EPT Ltd - UK representative of Correlated Solutions, supplying digital image correlation hardware and software.
  • Strain Measurement Services

  • VisEng Ltd - UK supplier of Stress Photonics photoelastic and thermoelastic stress analysis equipment.
  • Standards

  • TWA26 - Technical Working Area 26 of Vamas, which is working towards a full-field standard for experimental mechanics methods: a draft pre-standard is available for download from the TWA26 website.
  • Strain Solutions is registered in England and Wales, company number 05305042.

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